Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've played around with the idea of blogging about my family's car-free experiment and I've been asked if I do.  I've always said "No."  No promises of the frequency of postings, not all will be car-free related, this will be the place I put other things from my life too:  homeschooling parent,  Sunday School teacher, teen librarian, dog parent, happily married spouse and commentary on other things that pique my interest.

It all started innocently enough.  The ten year old Saturn station wagon was creaking and groaning worse than usual.  My husband drove it to a mechanic our neighbor has used.  The bad news - the repairs were going to come in at more than the value of the car.  We decided to park it for awhile and consider our options.  That was in August, 2012.  As September began to wind down, we'd been using our bikes and Citilink to get around, and it had been working pretty well.  Our plates and insurance were do for renewal, and we just couldn't come up with a good reason to spend money on a car we weren't using.  So we donated it.  No more car in the driveway!

Originally it was only going to be a four month experiment, we would go from summer into early winter and see how car-free worked in multiple seasons.    That took us into December, now two months later, we are still car-free and I have to say it is feeling like the new normal!

The "we"  that makes up my family would be one husband (currently at his gainful employment, and love of my life for over 13 years now), one 9 year old son  (currently recording his stuffed animals in a flying circus instead of going to sleep) and two dogs Domino the elder of the two at 12 1/2 is surveying the house from his perch on the couch and Shuba, the youngster at 9 is sleeping at the other end of the couch, chasing squirrels in her dreams.

All of these characters keep life interesting and no doubt they will all make regular appearances in this blog.

As to the name of this blog, well I'll let Kermit explain it himself:


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