Friday, June 14, 2013

Silent but not gone...

It's been almost a month since I've posted.  Not for lack of things to write about, but it has just seemed like there hasn't been time to write!   This morning on NPR I heard two stories that kind of cracked me up, and also made me glad I can live car-light. 

First was this one:  Half a million dollars for parking spaces!
 And then this one about tire rental

I say car-light, because while we still don't own a car, we do rent one from time to time for out of town trips.  Next weekend we'll be going to a graduation open house for a niece.  We plan to toss in a weekend camping trip while we are at it.

Two separate people I read on facebook have posted this week about driving less and bike riding more and how enjoyable they've come to find it.

Since posting last, my son has acquired a new-to-him mountain bike.  We really gave it a breaking in on Wednesday.  We rode downtown to a meeting I had at church.  Then we picked up sandwiches and rode to McMillen park so he could golf with the Lifetime Sports Academy.  From there we went to Southgate Plaza Kroger and picked up some munchable/dinnerish food to take to Foster Park West where Pete had soccer.  From there we rode home and beat the thunderstorm that rolled through a little later that evening.  Google maps puts it at about 20 miles.  Not bad at all!

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