Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas is coming....

This time last week it was snowing like crazy, and cold. A White Christmas seemed all but assured.  But the end of this week brought temperatures in the 40s and now, except for the mounds in parking lots, the snow is long gone, replaced by umbrella-wielding folks trying to stay dry.

Last Sunday, Pete and I bundled up well and tramped through the snow to the neighborhood just northwest of ours for some Christmas caroling.  I didn't get pictures, but one of the local newspapers did.  Pete and I are near the middle of this picture.

Photo by Lisa Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel

Wednesday we braved the mall and did some Christmas shopping. That and some online ordering have taken care of most of what I needed to do.   Tonight or tomorrow we may take on the gift wrapping.

This is Pete's weekend for Boarshead rehearsals.  By tomorrow evening he should know more than he ever wanted to about being a horse. (He has a new role this year.)

Short entry today, but not a lot of news either!

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