Monday, May 5, 2014

Shopping with a well-equipped bike....

.....makes a huge difference!

Friday, Mike took my yellow Schwinn in to the bike shop for some long overdue maintenance.  (It was my promised Christmas present)    So yesterday afternoon I decided to tryout the bike, which has my nice-sized panniers on it and a pretty and somewhat-functional basket, on a trip to Kroger.    As I filled the cart in the store I was beginning to get a a bit wary of over-shopping my carrying capacity.

  I went through the self-check, put everything back into the cart and headed out to the bike.  My two saddlebags were both well filled, I had another full canvas bag bungied on the carrier and two boxes of cereal and a head of lettuce in my backpack. The basket only held the spackle and wood stain I had picked up at the hardware store next door.

The bike felt much heavier (because it was) but the balance was good and the pedaling was fine.  Here is what it looked like when I got home:

In short, I could really like going shopping with this set up!

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