Saturday, June 7, 2014

Meanwhile back at the Roeger homestead...

June is here! All the local schools are out, summer programs start in earnest this week.  I was asked this week if I had plans to get away from home this summer.  I don't really.  I'm not opposed to travel, and we had a lovely long weekend at Lake Monroe over Memorial Day.  Today we all did work in the yard.  Mike trimmed overgrown junipers, Pete planted in the shade garden, and I put in the last of the tomatoes and flowers.  I talked Pete out of the iPad for awhile and took pictures.  Maybe the visuals help explain why I don't feel compelled to have go away in the summer.

First up the strawberries are going full tilt:

And I have rhubarb plant I'm hoping will be ready for next year.

We have all manner of veggie goodness: Swiss chard, peppers, beans, watermelon, onions, tomatoes of course, kale and lettuce.

Then there is the Pete Shade garden.  Today he got a few more plants in.

Then there are the flowers:

And when you're done working in the yard, there is the swing, showing it's 11 years, but sporting an Incredible Hulk blanket and comfy as ever.  The view past the weeding and the two tubs of mulch waiting to get spread.

The view overhead to the elm tree.

The view of the person laying down on the swing.

The iced tea one must have nearby when in the swing.

It's not heaven, heck it's not even Iowa!  But there is a lot to enjoy here at the Roeger homestead.

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