Monday, April 8, 2013

Cultural shifts are happening!

 A norm is something that is commonly accepted in a society.  Here is one definition:  Pattern of behavior in a particular group, community, or culture, accepted as normal and to which an individual is accepted to conform.  (

One of North America's  accepted cultural norms is that adults own cars and drive them.  Cars tell people who we are and what we are about.  Do you drive the soccer mom minivan or the outdoor adventurer Jeep Wrangler?  But what if someone changed the rules of the game and owning a car wasn't a mark of adulthood  that people bought into anymore?  What if using a car only as you needed it was the grownup thing to do?  It is any interesting concept and one that is gaining traction around the country,  especially among the under 40 generation.  NPR had this story today about this movement.

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