Friday, April 5, 2013

Mainstream and car-free - in the same sentence

Yesterday an article at crossed my facebook feed.  It was about people who live in large cities and choose to live without a car.   It is great to see things like this in a mainstream media outlet, it makes families like mine seem less exoctic, (or truthfully, just plain weird.) 

As we've started looking at the things we want to do over the summer,  the realization that we will either have to change some plans or, rent a car more often is settling in.  For about 3 months we had Megabus here in town and then it just as suddenly disappeared.  We are pretty much limited to Greyhound and Hoosieride. With little competition, neither one has an incentive to keep prices low. They also have pretty limited service.  That is the real downside to being car-free in Fort Wayne - going somewhere else gets pricey.  That would be one of my biggest reasons for ever considering a move to another city.

A question came up on a homeschool group about living with one car.  It will be interesting to see what discussion follows up on that thread.  I always love to hear other families stories.

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