Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Insects, bridges and buses

I watched an insect crawl across the snow on the bridge balustrade this morning.  It made me look twice.  An insect in March? On the snow?  But there it was, marching to somewhere it had in mind.  My first thought was to pick it up and move it. But where?  Where do you put an insect that is crawling through the snow, especially when you know a snow storm is supposed to be on the way?  Especially when you don't really have the faintest idea what kind of bug it is?  That's when I remembered the Star Trek Prime Directive: Do not interfere in the ongoing affairs of another species.

So instead of trying to rescue the bug, I just watched it.  It crawled off the snow-covered balustrade, down the edge and into a niche in the brickwork that makes up the side of the bridge.  It was a fascinating way to spend the time waiting for my bus on the way to work.  The sort of little adventure I would never see played out had I been driving.

Another car-free blogger had posted a link to a Time Magazine article from last year about Gen Y not being all that hyped about buying cars.  If given a choice between a car and a phone, they in general would pick the phone with all the extras.  Once again it seems, I'm stuck in the wrong generation! :)  (My mom always said if I'd been born ten years earlier I'd have moved to San Francisco and become a flower child.)

The snow has begun falling here and if the weather forecasters are anywhere near accurate there will be a lot of it before all is said and done.  Check in later and I'll post the results!

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