Friday, March 8, 2013

Occasions for boots

All the snow that came down on Tuesday is disappearing.  That is not to say we are ready to put our boots away, far from it.  I slogged through about a mile of unshoveled snow to get to my secondary bus stop today.  Some days, I get off work soon enough to catch a half-hour bus and get downtown much sooner than if I wait for the bus that goes by the library. Today was one of those days.  I was carrying groceries in my backpack, and some in a canvas bag, so I got a workout!  When I got downtown, I left some of the groceries with Mike to bring home in his bike saddlebags. My lightened load was much appreciated.  One of the things you discover when becoming car-free is that it takes teamwork in the family to pull it off.  I do the vast majority of the grocery shopping, but sometimes it helps to parcel the shlepping of stuff out to other family members!

Tomorrow should be another occasion to wear boots.  We are planning to go help with a spring cleanup at Eagle Marsh.  I for one will change into my muck boots when I get there.  Be interesting to see what winter (and a lot of snow) have left behind on the trails.

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