Tuesday, March 5, 2013

 Well the snow did come as predicted and then some.  My bus ride home was an epic fail.  I was at my stop at my usual 7:30, a quick call to Citilink confirmed that the buses were running.  I waited, expecting it to be late, the snow was really heavy.  I'm very fortunate that I have a bus shelter to wait under.  By 8:02, no bus, so I called customer service again to see where it was. (They track the buses on GPS).  It was back downtown!  No bus ever went past me.  Customer service said it went through the intersection at 7:36.  That means one of two things:  I missed seeing a large blue vehicle or the driver didn't stop for me.  The other possibility is that the bus was going by on its way back north and I had my back to it. But for that to happen, it would have had to go by my stop several minutes early.  In the snow we were having I'm really doubtful about that possibility.  Cold and furstrated I went back in the library and called 3 cab companies -2 to 4 hour wait.  Turned down all those options.  My new co-worker said she was going north (she lives much further north than I) and offered me a ride home at 9:00.  I took her up on it.  So on this day - public transit was not a great solution.  Car-free still has bugs to work out.

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