Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Fifth Grade Epic Begins

Well it is VERY quiet at the library today.  It was back to school day for the district our building is in.  There are a few kids still here, the biggest district in the city starts back next Monday.   It really does feel like summer is winding down a bit now.

Last Saturday my son and I did a dry run from our house to Teachable Moments Academy/ Lakeside Learning Garden bookstore.  The bookstore sells mostly homeschool materials. The woman who runs it, is actually moving the store to online only, but will still be teaching classes aimed at homeschoolers.  There are two math classes and one in writing that sounded intriguing that cover Pete's age range.  He agreed they sounded good, so we made the trek (by bus on Saturday, but very doable by bike) to check on timing etc.  So now he is signed up for Sir Cumference math (following the books by the same title), math used to set up a business (he's currently very intrigued by the idea of running his own business) and a writing class that will focus on the Civil War.  They will  all meet on Thursdays.   Tuesdays look to be Youtheatre and perhaps one other class offered through the Arts Academy downtown.   Once a month there will an afternoon science class at Science Central. And religious education on Tuesday evenings.   Mondays and Fridays there are some standing library programs he does.  Saturdays will be soccer.  It seems our fall is filling in with a well rounded schedule  and learning.

I realize we are on the cusp of changes.  Pete is a new fifth grader.  In some places that would put him in middle school, in others, still a grade schooler.  Either way, it is a year that seems to be marking the beginning of more independence, more self-picked focused learning.  He's getting firmer ideas of what he wants to do as an adult. He's more self-directed in saying "This is what I want to learn."  and of course he still forgets to put his yogurt container and lid in the recycling bin after he eats.  In other words he is a kid. But a bigger, more thoughtful and growing-up kid. 

I'm looking forward to this year. I'm looking forward to see who Pete will continue to become.

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  1. I guess I like hearing about my self - 4 years after it comes out!