Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wildlife in the City

While out biking this afternoon, Pete saw this hawk on a light post downtown, in front of Trinity Episcopal Church. A woman who lives across the street and had just parked her car saw it eating on the corner. We found the feathers from what looked like a pigeon. The hawk had flown up to the light post when she got out of her car. Mike, Pete and I stood watching it for a while. Michael Roeger had to leave to go to work (a block away) so Pete and I watched it for awhile. It flew and Pete saw it land in the front garden of a house across the street. We crossed the street and saw it eating something (white fur in the hawk's beak) behind some taller flowers. I got a picture and the guy who owns the house came out. We told him he had a hawk in his front yard. He was skeptical until he came off the porch and looked in his garden. The hawk then hopped up on the downspout (where you can see it in the picture) and wiped its beak off on the metal. We all took pictures. Then it flew on to the railing of the house next door. Had a nice conversation about restoring old houses and gardening with the homeowner too! 

Pete saw the hawk on the light pole, so we stopped to look and I pulled out the camera.

The hawk kept looking back toward the pigeon it had just finished eating. Pete and Mike were between the hawk and it's leftovers.

Pete crossed the street and got this shot of the hawk looking at him.

When it flew from the streetlight, it went to this garden across the street and was eating something furry closer to the bushes. When it was done eating, it sat on this downspout and cleaned its beak on the metal.

Then it flew onto the porch railing next door.

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