Friday, August 30, 2013

Our two wheeled RVs

One of our goals has been to go camping via our bikes, and we've done it!

Wednesday afternoon we loaded tent, sleeping bags, minimal food and dishes, clothes and a few other creature comforts and headed out.  Now admittedly the "out" wasn't really all that far away.  Just under 3 miles, via the greenway to Johnny Appleseed Campground at the eponymously named park.   When I get home from work tonight we'll do a postmortem on what worked well and what needs tweaking.  We really want to get is a trailer and  I think that would make for a much better load distribution.

So what does one do when camping that close to home?  Well a bit of regular routine and a bit of regular camping routine.   Wednesday evening was the first Wednesday Night Live dinner at church, so we brought our store-bought salads and rode downtown to church.  We went via the greenway the whole way, which is not how we usually travel, so it still felt "different."  Lots of great potluck food and visiting later, we came back to camp via our house so we could let the dogs out.  Once back to camp we walked down along the river, and over to the IPFW campus.   There is a pedestrian bridge across the river on campus and it is well lit.  The spiders are quick studies, they have figured out that the bridge lights attract lots of insects, which equals good eating and some incredible webs.  Pete was fascinated and wanted to take pictures, so we promised to go back by on Thursday night with the camera.

Thursday we did "at camp" stuff.  Mike went running, Pete and I went hiking, found some apple trees near Johnny Appleseed's gravesite and picked some, also got some peaches from a peach tree.  I ran home to take care of the dogs and collect Pete's soccer gear.   We ate lunch at camp and went exploring the Indiana Tree Walk at IPFW.  We've done it before and it is fun.  Pete and I left from IPFW to pick up some supper and head to his soccer practice.  Mike joined us along the way.

After soccer was over, we came back via the Venderly bridge with its spider webs and Pete got the pictures he wanted.  Then time to clean up and head to bed!  This morning we had breakfast, struck camp and headed home.  I did a quick change and kept on in on my way to work and Mike and Pete have gone on with their day.

Farmer's market later today and our Labor Day Weekend will continue!

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