Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day weekend has come and gone

Wild flowers in the prairie section of Eagle Marsh

Well Labor Day weekend has come and gone and our fall routine has begun.  Different work schedule for me, classes for Pete.

Friday when I got off of work, I met Mike and Pete at the West Main Farmer's market and we loaded up.  Mike put 25 lbs of peaches on the back of his bike, I loaded an enormous watermelon into my backpack. We spread the blueberries, tomatoes, zucchinis and other finds out among other carriers and got everything home!  Saturday we didn't rush our morning, it was hot and we headed downtown to the Art Museum to see the Chihuly glass exhibit and then had lunch at Pembroke.  We went to church Saturday afternoon.    Sunday Mike made a watermelon-tomato salad that we took to his sister's in Indy.  We rode with his mom.  Great visiting with all sorts of family, and came home that evening.

Monday we went to the last TinCaps regular season game (they won) and that seemed to have taken most of the day!

Pete has a Youtheatre class on Tuesdays and next week religious ed will start back up.  Wednesday we had a mid-day hike at Eagle Marsh.  The group didn't turn out to be nearly as big as anticipated so we actually ended up with more trail guides than guidees!  But it was great fun.  We ate at the marsh and then biked our way back toward home.  A playground stop at Rockhill park and we were just in time to get to Plymouth for Wednesday Night Live dinner.  Pizza!  Pete had kids choir. He seemed to really enjoy it.

Today he began his Teachable Moments classes.  We rode out on our bikes, he had his first class and then we went to Fazolis nearby for lunch.  Now he is taking his second two classes.  I'll go pick him up soon and then we'll hangout, get some supper and onto to soccer practice, which thankfully is still on this same end of town.  Maybe a TinCaps playoff game after that?  We'll see how tired everyone is.  Tomorrow will be the first Field Trip Friday program of the year.

That's the fall schedule I was talking about!

Practicing his headers?

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