Monday, September 30, 2013

And what a week it was......

From last weekend to this one just ended the week has been a whirlwind of usual activities and ones that are not the usual at all.  Pete sang with the kids choir in church on Sunday so all three of us were there for the occasion.   That afternoon Pete and I went up to the Johnny Appleseed festival and poked around.  We got apples (of course!) and listened  to the fife and drum corps and saw part of the "medicine show".  Monday and Tuesday were fairly usual.  Wednesday we headed out to Eagle Marsh for a hike with 9th graders from Bishop Dwenger high school.   We left the marsh and headed back into town for dinner at church, our usual Wednesday Night Live destination.  But this week was not just any Wednesday, it was also Mike and my 14th anniversary and we had decided to renew our wedding vows.  One of the pastors at Plymouth, Rev. Ruth, had suggested doing it during dinner and so that is what we did!

                                                Of course I'd marry this guy all over again!

Thursday Pete had off from classes, but still had soccer practice, so we lazed around much of Thursday and then he and I trekked out to Arlington Elementary for soccer.  Friday was library Staff Day, so all the branches were closed so staff could do training at the downtown library.  Some years are so-so.  This one was really quite good - it was a fun day.  Mike had Friday off, so he and Pete went out to the West Main Farmer's Market and loaded up on goodies.  Then we all met up downtown and got our race packets for the Fort4Fitness races.  Pete was signed up for the Kid's Marathon and ran that.

Later we stopped for pizza on the way home.  A good night's sleep later, Mike was up and out for his 8:00 a.m. half marathon.  Pete and I were up and out for the 9:00 start to the the 10K.  It would have been hard to ask for a nicer day to go running on.  We all met up at Parkview Field at the end.  Mike had a very good time (I believe his new personal best) and I had my best time ever.  Pete finished a good brisk walk and when he came running into the stadium he was grinning from ear to ear and ran the entire distance around the warning track to home plate and the finish.  We all had a really good time.

Sunday the Sunday School kids from Plymouth had a field trip to Temple Acduth Veshalom, one of the synagogues in Fort Wayne.  It was really informative and well spent time.  Glad I got to go along.

Today it is back to work, learning and the usual activities of a week that  I hope may not be quite so busy, (but perhaps not as memorable either.)

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