Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wednesday in the woods

This past Wednesday (weekend in our household) was warm, clear and a great day to be outside.  We rode over to Franke Park  If you are familiar with Chicago, think Forest Preserves, not park.

 Spy Run creek runs through the park.  There are lots of trails, some of them open to mountain biking.  We hiked along the creek and then forded it on stepping stones and hiked along the "backside" for a while too.  Found some good tasting wild grapes.  Eventually our path ran out. Literally.  Two creeks come together, Newhouse and Spy Run. So we crossed over the mouth of Newhouse and stopped and played for awhile.

Great place to work out some of the dynamics of hydroengineering.  

We finished our hike and picnicked across from the creek confluence;

 came home, cleaned up and went to our weekly gathering at church for dinner, friends and Pete's choir practice.

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