Monday, September 9, 2013

The Very Full Weekend

Pete is number 11.

Well we have now experienced our first soccer-Saturday weekend.  Well actually 2/3 of us have.  Mike and Pete took the bus out to Concordia Seminary Saturday morning for Team Australia vs Team Mexico.  When Mike gave me a post-game report on the phone he said "Well it kind of turned out the way you'd expect - Mexico after all IS a dominant international soccer power, Australia, not so much."   I heard about this while at work.  Later in the afternoon Pete sent me an email:
Dear Mom, here is your promised email.
Soccer was ok.
I was LeftEmoji defense for quarters 1 & 3, didn't talk much.
Dad tells me to kick it harderEmoji.
Came in as midfield.
Took the bus.
Love your son Pete
- Pete
Hard to find field.

He likes emoticon (clearly) and they frequently decorate his emails.  

When I finished work I picked up a pizza on the way downtown to meet Mike and Pete for dinner.  There was a baby shower (it appeared) going on in a sideroom at the Southgate Pizza Hut.  I locked my bike to a sign post just outside the windows to that room and saw the women sitting in the booths closest to the sign pointing out the window while I locked my bike.  I looked in the parking lot as I walked inside to pick up my order and there were not hot guys or other distractions in the lot, so I decided I must have been their interest.  I paid for my pizza and went back out to the bike.  I dug my bungee cords out and strapped the pizza box on to my rear carrier.  It took a couple of minutes because the carrier is quirky and the bungees don't just snap right on.  Half a dozen women came over to the window to watch my little show.  Not sure what made it so interesting, but I guess you don't see a pizza on the back of a bike everyday.   We ate our dinner.  Mike had to go back to work.  Pete and I went to see the TinCaps in the first game of the Eastern Division championships.   I fb posted about the end of the game this way:

 Top of the ninth. The teams are tied 5-5. The visitors have made 2 outs. All your guys have to do is make one more out. Instead they walk one. The next batter hits the ball into the outfield where your team can't find it. When they do, they can't throw it. Two runs score. Now it is 7-5. And it starts to rain. Finally your guys make the third out. Then they get to bat and go down 1,2,3. Even Mother Nature had to cry. Oh and did I mention this is for the division championships? (And no, no one has cursed them with a goat.) ARGHH!

Sunday morning we were off to Sunday School kickoff.  I have an incredible group of 8th grade through high schoolers this year.  It was a great morning.  Pete left with Mike to go to Mass at St. Jude.  I came home and made some lunch.  We had two complimentary tickets to see the Civic Theater's production of the "39 Steps."  We all enjoyed it - very funny.  When the play was over, Mike left for work and Pete and I stayed for the audience/cast talk back session.  Kind of interesting.

Sunday was also Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown day, so Pete and I rode a couple of blocks over to the Lincoln Tower and went up to the top.  The building opened in 1930 and the observation deck at the top is open air.  The view is incredible.  This was about the 3rd time I've gone up and I still enjoy it!  Pete had a blast too.
Parkview Field home of the TinCaps.

Lots of steeples in the "City of Churches."

Lady Justice on top of the courthouse.

 Looking east toward New Haven.

Came home to make dinner and listen to the TinCaps on the radio from South Bend.  They hung on to win!  So they're not dead yet!  We rounded out the evening by walking the dogs and I did dishes.  (Well they lost tonight, so now their season really is done.)

Today at work I had my first session of Social Science Sleuths for the fall.  A very enthusiastic group of tweens and teenagers   who are tackling the subject of Urban Studies.  I needed the energy from them to get through the morning I think!

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